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2 December 2012

Stuff To Keep In Mind When Leaving Your Vehicle on a Long-Term Basis

Storing a vehicle is not as easy as it sounds. After all, you are giving away your prized car to complete strangers. But, the joy is doubled, when you know what exactly needs to be done before and during the time you hire storage facilities. The main issue with cars is that, when you leave them for long-term they are prone to corrosion, formation of sludge; or the battery dies down. Therefore, in this blog I have covered those points that need to be made sure before you store your vehicle to a storage company.
  • Batteries: Cut off all the battery cables to prevent problems with the circuitry. A few batteries discharge after they have not been used for a long period of time. It can be hazardous, if you happen to leave the cables on the battery; this is because they corrode with time and produce harmful substances.

  • Clean: Cleaning the vehicle properly is extremely important. The cleaning helps in removing any possible mud or dirt that could be the early stage of rust and oxidization. This could even tarnish the best of paints if not cleaned on time.

  • Oils: You can change the oil as longer periods of inactivity for the car can result in the formation of acids and thus eat away i.e. rust the engine.

  • Covering: A good tip is to keep your vehicle covered before storing it, this way it will be kept free from grime and sludge. However, just make certain that it is not wet or moist inside the vehicle before covering it.

  • Set up the Gas Tank: Leave the vehicle in storage with the lowest amount of gas. Nevertheless, the quantity of gas to be left depends greatly on the duration of the storage. If you wish, you may attach a stabilizer so as to prevent the rusting effects that might be caused due to the gas in the container.
Hope these points help you in the maintenance of your vehicle. Nevertheless, if you opt for long-term storage, it is advisable to go for storage facilities as they will maintain and take care of it completely.
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2 November 2012

Choose the Right Moving Services in 3 Easy Steps

If asked what you think about relocation in Qatar, very few would say it’s fun, most of us would call it one of the most tiring and stressful activities. And matters become worse, when you are asked to move to a different city; or state altogether. Well, even if, you know what has to be done, once you have moved to the new place, have you figured out how do you get there in the first place? The right moving company can aid you by making your move a lot smoother and easier, whereas the wrong one will make your relocation a terrible experience.

License: The first thing you need to ask; or rather check, before you give your precious items to a moving service is for its license. Unless the company does not give you one don’t sign up with them i.e. don’t rely on whatever they claim; see for yourself. There may be chances of loss or theft of goods when moving from point A to point B.

Estimate: There are many moving companies that are in service these days, and each of them provides services at different prices. For instance, if long distances are to be covered the services would be expensive and vice versa. So, according to your needs and requirements make sure you get the estimates that include everything before you make the final move. The best thing to do is to ask them for written ones than going for verbal estimates.

Insurance: The movers and packers have to ensure that they will take care of the items while transporting them. If any of the item is lost or damaged in the process the company is liable for it. Ask for insurance before any deal is made final.

Once you have got your license, estimates and paperwork checked, ask them how much time it will take for the delivery of goods, will the company transfer the goods themselves or will it be done by someone else, etc. The main criteria should be that you are comfortable with their services and they are meeting your needs and requirements. Happy Moving!
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9 October 2012

The Rewards of Choosing the Right Storage Units

Quite a lot of us find it pretty difficult to organise; or make space for our belongings. We collect items over the years, many of which have no purpose beyond their initial usage. Everywhere you look, there’s unused, unusable or random junk lying around. That’s when the fear of being buried alive under a mountain of rubbish starts to set in. Haven’t you experienced this very feeling in your own home at some point or the other? This is when storage units come in handy. Simply visit one of the storage units in Qatar and you will be amazed at the variety of storage solutions they have to offer. Here are a few more reasons why using these services is a good idea:-

Space: Storage units are all about cleaning up useless items you’ve hoarded over the years, & creating space where there wasn’t any before. You can store just about anything in one of these units including clothing, utensils, electrical products, equipment – the list is never-ending. So, don’t think twice! Just put away all that you don’t need in one of these storage units.

Convenience: Self-storage solutions offer the convenience of storing belongings that might still need to be accessible; but have no use in the present time. This, in turn, saves us from having to discard or put away things that might be important later on.

Facilities: Safety and security are vital when it comes to storage. Most of the storage facilities provide you with climate control. For instance, they could be air-conditioned to make sure that a constant temperature is maintained. In addition, humidity levels too can be set to suit your requirements. These facilities also provide fire protection and 24-hour access, and come with alarms and surveillance cameras. Thus, they are flexible in the solutions they offer to individual clients.

Flexibility: As mentioned above, self storage solutions can be tailored to your specific needs. This is because storage of goods can be for either personal or commercial reasons.

So, the next time when you are on the lookout for a good self-storage company, make sure to properly check the unit sizes available, the rental costs, security clauses etc., before making a decision.
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12 September 2012

Great Reasons to get Packing and Moving Companies for tackling Relocations

One of the first tasks on the home relocation to-do list should be the short-listing of packing and moving companies. In-spite of the general proliferation of the storage industry and the availability of quality services at reasonable prices, people still are averse to them. Some even misinterpret the hiring to be a slur on their DIY spirit. But these people fail to realize the advantages of doing just that.

The DIY spirit is great and must be encouraged for short term tasks that would not require a lot of technical expertise in multiple domains. However, for something as technically challenging as a home move, seeking the help of qualified relocation companies is desirable. Some, after reading the earlier line may go off thinking, what’s so technical about a home move? All one needs is some muscle power, a few dozen boxes and little else.

Unfortunately though, there’s much more to a home move than what most people think it to be. Inventory lists are to be drawn, the existing belongings sorted into those that must be taken to the new location and those that would be superfluous. Those in the latter category must then be disposed off suitably. One way to achieve this would be through a garage sale. The cash thereby generated may then be used to contribute to the moving fund. Else, the excess belongings can be used to bring smiles to the beneficiaries of your favourite charity. Whatever solution is chosen, the excess stuff has to go. If there is still some stuff left-over from the latter lot, consider sending it to the recyclers.

Next off begins the actual packing phase and it is when one is somewhere smack bang in the middle of all that high-energy activity that one realizes the importance of having the extra help around. Moving services personnel that know the difference between packing that delicate chinaware and skilfully handling the chest of drawers are a great asset to have at hand. It is here that all the experience, training and quality equipment starts to make its presence felt.

So, the next time word comes round that someone is planning to move homes, do remember to inform them about the advantages of having a great ally by their side. It may well lead to them having a memorable moving experience, and for all the right reasons at that.

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13 August 2012

Know your Self Storage

Human beings are considered to be among the most emotionally attached species on the planet. An overwhelming majority of us have stocked up on things that we think we need, but never do. Yet, thinking that we might need them some day, we continue to hold on to them. And this is notwithstanding hoarders who take this habit to the extreme. Thankfully, there are many storage solutions out there that are willing to take the load off you. But before you go on to rent one, here are a few things that you should know:
  • Gone are the days when storage units were scarce and one had to pay the asking price in-order to rent one. If you are in a major market, chances are that there will be more than one storage facility to cater to demand. So, do negotiate on the pricing before you sign the dotted line

  • Storage companies have been getting quite innovative in their service offerings. They have realized that there is no longer a need for long-term binding contracts. Today, one can even rent their storage unit for a short period, like a week or a month, for example

  • There is nothing illegal about renting a storage unit. It is a legitimate business that caters to legitimate customers. Instances reporting unfair usage of storage units may have been found earlier, but the modern day storage industry has all but done away with such practices

  • Every reputed storage operator has their own list of do’s and don’ts for storage unit renters. These range from the type of items that can be stored, to the fair usage policies governing their units. Hence, do check with the concerned operator before renting a unit.

  • Storage operators are known to take reasonable care of your belongings while being stored with them. However, it is not possible for them to guarantee their safety. A comprehensive insurance policy is usually the preferred solution for protection against Murphy’s Law and consequent eventualities. Some operators even have tie-ups with insurance companies that offer solutions that have been custom-designed for the specific type of usage

  • Each storage service operator offers their own particular range of benefits. Similarly, they also have their own unique improvement areas. Narrowing down upon a particular storage operator should be done on the suitability of the product and services, and not upon the cost benefits on offer

  • Keep a lookout for offers that sound too good to be true. In most instances, they are too good to be true. Designed merely to lure the unsuspecting renter, their true intentions are revealed later on into the contract, when it is much too difficult to break free.
In business as in personal life, reputation is everything. This is particularly true for the self storage industry as it involves the safekeeping of personal belongings and valuables. So, do conduct a thorough reputation check before signing the dotted line. Leverage the power of social media and crowd sourcing platforms to get a first hand insight on the performance of the operator of choice. In the end, it is your personal belongings being stored and they deserve the best solution you can get.
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10 July 2012

Five Core Stages to cover when hiring the services of a dependableRelocation Company

House movers who think they had it tough should try crossing over to the office move camp. An office move transcends all the hassles that may crop up during a regular house move and take them to another level. Most business customers tend to hire the services of a dependable relocation company to handle their move for them.

Here are some tips that should prove to be rather handy when trying to iron out any kinks that may arise during the relocation process:

Stage 1: Every business worth their bottom-line recognizes the importance of the planning process. Office relocation has various administrative, technical, legislative aspects to be taken care of. In addition to these there’s also the human co-ordination – with employees, customers and suppliers. A fool-proof plan is required if the move is to go like clockwork. No aspect can be risked by being overlooked. Doing so can prove to be rather disastrous for the company in question. The earlier the planning begins, the better are the chances of a smooth move. So, do remember to begin well in advance.

Stage 2: The one phenomenal advantages of an office move is the availability of help. Confused? Don’t be. A quick look around is all that’s required to prove the point. Yes, that’s correct, Employees. If one were to get each employee to pack their own desks away, it’d go a long way in reducing the stress levels. The great thing of such an exercise: It can be turned into a corporate engagement session that forges deeper ties between employees and their work place. The requirements are not that high. Each employee can be handed out a relocation kit. This could include boxes, marker pens, stencils, wrapping and so on.

Stage 3: Once the employees have finished packing their own desks, the focus can then move over to the common areas like corridors and such. Given the technical requirements, it is best to let the packers and movers services to take over this stage. Hiring a reputed service provider ensures that there are enough personnel to assist. Additionally, they are likely to be relevantly trained and equipped with the right tools for the task.

Stage 4: Given the sensitive nature of the tasks involved, it makes for poor sense to hire the one that quoted the lowest. Experience & quality both come at their own price. One should therefore reach out to multiple service providers and evaluate their claims through various sources. A great way to conduct verification checks is by reaching out to previous customers of the service provider. They are usually the ones to give you an honest overview of the capabilities and potential risks of hiring the service provider under consideration.

Stage 5: A moving day arrives, holding a few briefings and mock sessions for the employees’ should go a long way in making the move a pleasant one.
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5 June 2012

Easy-to-remember tips for making the most out of your rental storage

A true story about space is that the more one has, the lesser it feels. Essentially, we are all limited by our own individual mix of considerations when renting the storage space we need. It may be budgetary, or the lack of climate control features and so on. One thing however that should always be beyond compromise is safety! It is a decision that is fraught with severe risk, when one chooses to rent space at a facility whose security measures aren’t quite fully in place.

Having adhered to your pre-selection checklist and identified the operator with who to store with, it is time to plan out the packing tasks to minimize the hassle and troubles that are usually associated with the same.

Renting a personal storage unit, offers a great opportunity to clean up the home and weed out all that’s not needed. The discarded possessions can either be raffled off or given away to charity. Valuables such as documents, photographs, papers that are legally significant, etc. must ideally be stored under special conditions. This is because they could deteriorate at ambient temperatures, thereby rendering them unusable.

Detailed labelling can save a significant amount of time and efforts that are spent in locating items when in storage. The tags used could differ in shape, size and colour for each category or class of items being stored. This way, identification becomes an at-a-glance affair.

When moving, do make sure that the one-room-at-a-time rule is followed. Boxes that are partially filled towards the end can always be topped up with appropriate storage fillers like foam pellets, newspapers, paper shreds, etc. Bubble wrapping is both, an inexpensive yet extremely effective tool when looking to keeping items secure in storage. These measures, if implemented correctly, also offer adequate protection to the items being stored, by preventing the boxes from collapsing when stacked on top of each other.

One rarely forgets about the belongings that have been put into the rental storage unit. Thus, it would be wise to follow the pack as one would unpack maxim. It is bound to make life easier, as the need to access the stored items arise. Small items are best packed in their individual boxes, while electronic items must be stored in a moisture-proof and dust free environment.

Once the packing is done and the items are all moved into the rental storage unit, it is time to line them up along the sides and freeing up valuable walk-way space. This ensures that all items in storage remain accessible throughout the storage period.
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11 May 2012

3 Must Have Packaging Materials when Putting Belongings in Storage

Storage services have come a long way since they began a few years ago. The industry has been committed towards simplifying the entire storage experience, bit by bit. Given that there are many operators in the market, choosing the best one simply becomes a task of evaluating one’s own needs. The other points to consider are the operators’ capabilities to deliver on those parameters and ensuring that the best terms and conditions are offered, so as to meet the allocated budget.

One of the key elements to cover when putting up one’s belongings in storage; is packaging materials. Get this right along with the storage operator of choice and the entire experience is on track to being a pleasant one. But putting belongings in storage does not mean hiring a unit and turning it into a dump yard of sorts. Storing is a well thought out, planned activity that ensures that the belongings are preserved in the best of ways.

Packaging materials can be broadly classified into 3 categories, if one is to ensure a hassle free storage experience:

Unmarked boxes are a huge time drainer as one tends to recollect the articles being stored in the box or their position on site, once they are taken out of storage. Thus, one must keep stationery items such as markers, tape, identification tags, etc. at a handy place. This makes it easier to pack articles according to the theme/ location in the new home (e.g. Kitchen, Drawing Room, Kids Room, etc.). Additionally, unpacking too is less stressful as everything is tagged by location and one can get back to normal, everyday living at the earliest. Make sure to use bold, colored markers & Tags, they are easier to read from a distance as well.

Boxes themselves come in multiple sizes. Choose them wisely, according to the requirements; for it can be quite frustrating when one realizes that the tall mirror box that was ordered is incapable of storing other articles. Look for the ply ratings for storage boxes. These are an indicator of sturdiness and come in twin ply/ double walled box, triple ply/ triple walled box sizes and so on. Those short on budget, can spread the word around. This might result in either a great deal on packaging boxes or someone might donate a set of them that they wouldn’t need. Either ways, it’s a ‘ask and you never know what you’ll receive’ scenario.

Merely filling in the boxes to the edges is a bad idea. This might lead to box failure while in transit. Also, it may end up weighing many, many kilograms more than what was expected, thereby preventing those boxes from tippling over. The best fill ratio is achieved by filling the box up to 2/3rds capacity and filling the rest up with items that provide a cushioning effect. Extremely crucial, particularly when one is trying to prevent those delicate belongings from being damaged in transit.

For sure, there is a lot of wealth out there among those who have the experience of enlisting the services of a storage services provider. Thus, it would be invaluable if one were to come forward and share their storage tips with us.
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11 April 2012

Points to remember when putting your vehicle in storage while going onvacation

Congratulations! Those extended hours of work, for weeks on end and endless glugs of caffeine have finally paid off. The new project has come online weeks ahead of schedule and your firm has agreed to send you and your family on a three week vacation to an exotic location.

As the packing begins in anticipation of the celebrations, you suddenly are awakened to the fact that your car is going to be parked in the driveway for all the time that you are going to be gone. Weighing in the options, you decide to do the right thing and contact your preferred personal storage provider in the region. Delighted upon confirmation that they do have a slot vacant for your car, you are now wondering about the steps to take for preparing the car for storage. If you’ve ever find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few points to remember when you put your vehicle in storage:

Since the duration of storage is going to be less than a month, the first step you take is by giving the car exterior a thorough wash and clean treatment. This serves to take off all the corrosive dirt that might have been accumulated during those daily runs.

Check all fluid levels and top them up as necessary. This should ensure that those fluid pipelines stay lubricated and do not dry out during storage.

Charge the battery to the full strength and disconnect the car power cables from it. This reduces the chances of a steady drain of the battery and also does away with the chances of short-circuit while in storage.

Wheels must be placed on jacks and the tires overinflated to about 2-3 psi above the recommended levels.

Power up the engine and keep it running till it has sufficiently warmed up. Then power down and check all windows and doors to ensure that they are properly secured.

Both the trunk, glove compartment along with the space under the seats should be given the once over to ensure that no belongings or valuables are left behind.

Shift the gear lever into reverse for cars equipped with a manual transmission while moving the parking brake to the off position in cars equipped with an automatic transmission.

Lastly, while most operators might not recommend it, a closed parking slot is always preferred while parking your vehicle in storage. This reduces the corrosive damage caused by exposure to the elements as well as other natural contaminants like bird droppings.

That’s it, all that remains is to sign over the documents and get packing to enjoy your hard-earned vacation in complete peace.
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16 March 2012

Security and the Storage Industry

Self storage facilities have indeed come a long way. They have gone from being store houses of edible goods to a more comprehensive solution that offers significant cost as well as space savings. This is true for the domestic customers as well as the enterprise solutions seekers. By and large, the customer renting the storage unit is responsible for the belongings held inside. This is the very nature of the self storage industry and is a primary building block under which the personal storage edifice stands. A storage company is likely to be held liable, only under certain conditions where facility safety has been compromised by the actions or in-actions of the facility staff.

Among the blanket of security solutions that are rolled out, Closed Circuit Cameras or CCTVs play the more significant role in keeping the facility safe. Such an arrangement usually involves surveillance cameras being placed all around the facility. The arrangement could be discrete, may be made highly visible or a mixture of both and is usually at the discretion of the facility management. The cameras are monitored via a central control room, where a constant watch is maintained for discrepancies. Modern advancements in technology have given them night vision, infra-red capabilities, etc. This has made them a formidable force in the security of storage facilities.

Now-a-days, computerized access control cards, with bio-identification capabilities are also making an appearance. Such a system, especially when teamed with the CCTV network, does offer a rather formidable defense against malicious activities from being carried out on the facility premises. Storage Qatar is a quality storage solutions provider that has built up a reputation of keeping a special focus on security. They offer a plethora of customized storage solutions that appeal to a wide spectrum of clients. One can learn more about their range of offerings at:
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Storage Advantages for Businesses

Personal storage facilities are extremely popular among certain sections of society.  Typically, an average user of such services is a home owner looking for a household storage service or a house moving service. Enthusiasts also use such facilities to pursue their hobbies or store their tools. Students even use these facilities to store their belongings, when they leave campus for vacations. Thus, by and large, self storage is viewed mostly as a personal use option.

Business users on the other hand, have been late in realizing the benefits of this option. It is in the inherent nature of a business to have growth and expansion plans in place. As these plans are put into action, it does put pressure on the existing premises. Newer workforce has to be accommodated, the document load has to be stored, extra inventories may have to be maintained and so on. Good business principles dictate the funding necessary for expansion, be worked into the budget. However, this does not detract away from the pressure that is felt by the business operators.

Some key advantages for business owners can be realized in the following aspects:

Document Storage: Most office premises are ill equipped to maintain the temperature and humidity controls on a round-the-clock basis. Their HVAC equipment is primarily operational during business hours. This can wreak havoc on the preservation of records and important documents that are periodically required in the course of operations. A reputed commercial storage facility like Storage in Qatar, for example, is fully equipped to offer comprehensive document storage services that include an exclusive document archiving solution as well.

Space Management: Let’s face it. Activities such as storage of documents, promotional materials or office equipment, do not add direct value to the company bottom-line. Yet, by taking up valuable space that can be used to accommodate additional employees, they do have a negative effect on revenues. A quality document storage solution from a reputed service provider like, Storage in Qatar can help you by becoming your partner in revenue augmentation.

Budgetary Allocations: Business premises don’t come cheap. Rates are significantly higher versus premises for personal use. This is why, an external document storage company, like Storage in Qatar can help save you significant revenues in costly rentals.

Storage in Qatar is among the trusted names in the storage market in the region. To know more about their services, do visit:
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15 March 2012

Avoiding Storage Taboos

Self storage facilities are usually known to offer their clients a checklist on the do’s and don’ts of storage. The same practice is also followed in Qatar. Yet, some people do miss out on reading the sheet carefully, either out of ignorance or sheer laziness. These are the same people then, that go on to store unsuitable items in their units that can then become a fire and safety hazard. They are even known to put the blame on the storage provider, holding them responsible for the damage and consequent losses. This is why, Storage Qatar, a leading storage operator in the region, has come out with a quick checklist on the common storage taboos.

While personal items are suited to being kept at a storage facility, it is NOT the place to keep pets while on vacation. Apart from obvious sanitation issues, it is a gross violation of animal welfare rights

Easily flammable articles like fuel or explosives are usually not acceptable at most storage sites. Subverting the rules can jeopardize the entire facility in the event of any mishap and could even turn fatal

Unless your storage operator offers climate controlled facilities on its premises, it is usually not a wise idea to store items such as food, grains, vegetables and other such stuff of organic origin

While storage units are sometimes ideal for an alternate location of a man cave, under no circumstances, should one move into the unit permanently. It could easily turn dangerous, should there be any incident on the storage premises.

Failure to avoid any of the above mentioned points could be termed as a violation of your contract. One may have their contract terminated or even be held liable for the damage caused due to their actions. The best way to prevent such eventualities would be to discuss the terms and conditions of the contract carefully with your service provider. A great place to do this and also discover a whole new world of customized storage solutions would be:
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