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18 September 2015

How Do You Choose A Reliable International Removal Services Company in Qatar?

People moving overseas often face the challenge to locate a trustworthy international removal services company. It is difficult for one to trust someone to send his precious assets to his new home without any hassles. This blog addresses this concern briefly with simple facts.

Things to remember while choosing international removal services Qatar company:

It results in great agony when your moving services company causes unnecessary stress before starting your expat life. For instance, in December 2014, Global Moving Systems, an international moving company went into liquidation. AS a result, customers were not re-united with their personal belongings and had to pay huge costs to a different shipping firm to transfer their belongings. Therefore, the first step to avoid such an instance is to evaluate the moving firm’s credentials.

One must confirm whether the moving services company is an authorized member of the respective Association of Removers Overseas Group. This states that the company has an approved advance payment guarantee scheme in place.This is essential as it ensures that you won’t have to pay for your removal again if the firm goes into liquidation.Global Moving Systems wasn’t a partof the concerned Overseas Group. Therefore, even though the Overseas Group interfered to appease customers affected due to firm’s liquidation, many had to pay another shipping firm to transfer their belongings to their new homes.


It is important to ensure that you evaluate your insurance options. Avoid companies that request cash-in-hand andsizeable deposits upfront. Such a practice is considered unethical and no reliablecompany will do this.
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