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18 August 2015

4 Simple Storage Techniques For Your Sports Equipments

Is there one person out there that does not need storage? And if you are a sports enthusiast, you must be looking for some cool storage ideas to store all your sporting goodies. We have compiled a list of simple storage techniques that should take care of your sports equipments.

Ball claw-

Ball claws are cool gadgets to keep your soccer balls, basketballs and rugby balls intact. You also get a ball claw that fits any ball.

Bungee Cords-

Bungee cords can be hooked on a simple rectangular frame as shown above. This acts as an extremely useful storage cabinet for storing balls. Also, it is easy to take out the balls whenever required. I personally love the ability of bungee cords to utilize an ignored corner to create an adequate storage space.

DIY Rolling Storage Cart-

If you have space, build this rolling cart which is extremely simple to make. Get some wooden planks and bars and assemble them as shown above with some screws.

Wall Storage-

Wall storage proves best for those who have less ground space and many equipments to store and maintain. I love this storage trick as with mere wooden planks, hooks and screws, you can make a storage system to keep your bikes hanging. Additionally, you also get specific hooks to support different sports equipments.

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