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5 June 2012

Easy-to-remember tips for making the most out of your rental storage

A true story about space is that the more one has, the lesser it feels. Essentially, we are all limited by our own individual mix of considerations when renting the storage space we need. It may be budgetary, or the lack of climate control features and so on. One thing however that should always be beyond compromise is safety! It is a decision that is fraught with severe risk, when one chooses to rent space at a facility whose security measures aren’t quite fully in place.

Having adhered to your pre-selection checklist and identified the operator with who to store with, it is time to plan out the packing tasks to minimize the hassle and troubles that are usually associated with the same.

Renting a personal storage unit, offers a great opportunity to clean up the home and weed out all that’s not needed. The discarded possessions can either be raffled off or given away to charity. Valuables such as documents, photographs, papers that are legally significant, etc. must ideally be stored under special conditions. This is because they could deteriorate at ambient temperatures, thereby rendering them unusable.

Detailed labelling can save a significant amount of time and efforts that are spent in locating items when in storage. The tags used could differ in shape, size and colour for each category or class of items being stored. This way, identification becomes an at-a-glance affair.

When moving, do make sure that the one-room-at-a-time rule is followed. Boxes that are partially filled towards the end can always be topped up with appropriate storage fillers like foam pellets, newspapers, paper shreds, etc. Bubble wrapping is both, an inexpensive yet extremely effective tool when looking to keeping items secure in storage. These measures, if implemented correctly, also offer adequate protection to the items being stored, by preventing the boxes from collapsing when stacked on top of each other.

One rarely forgets about the belongings that have been put into the rental storage unit. Thus, it would be wise to follow the pack as one would unpack maxim. It is bound to make life easier, as the need to access the stored items arise. Small items are best packed in their individual boxes, while electronic items must be stored in a moisture-proof and dust free environment.

Once the packing is done and the items are all moved into the rental storage unit, it is time to line them up along the sides and freeing up valuable walk-way space. This ensures that all items in storage remain accessible throughout the storage period.
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