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2 December 2012

Stuff To Keep In Mind When Leaving Your Vehicle on a Long-Term Basis

Storing a vehicle is not as easy as it sounds. After all, you are giving away your prized car to complete strangers. But, the joy is doubled, when you know what exactly needs to be done before and during the time you hire storage facilities. The main issue with cars is that, when you leave them for long-term they are prone to corrosion, formation of sludge; or the battery dies down. Therefore, in this blog I have covered those points that need to be made sure before you store your vehicle to a storage company.
  • Batteries: Cut off all the battery cables to prevent problems with the circuitry. A few batteries discharge after they have not been used for a long period of time. It can be hazardous, if you happen to leave the cables on the battery; this is because they corrode with time and produce harmful substances.

  • Clean: Cleaning the vehicle properly is extremely important. The cleaning helps in removing any possible mud or dirt that could be the early stage of rust and oxidization. This could even tarnish the best of paints if not cleaned on time.

  • Oils: You can change the oil as longer periods of inactivity for the car can result in the formation of acids and thus eat away i.e. rust the engine.

  • Covering: A good tip is to keep your vehicle covered before storing it, this way it will be kept free from grime and sludge. However, just make certain that it is not wet or moist inside the vehicle before covering it.

  • Set up the Gas Tank: Leave the vehicle in storage with the lowest amount of gas. Nevertheless, the quantity of gas to be left depends greatly on the duration of the storage. If you wish, you may attach a stabilizer so as to prevent the rusting effects that might be caused due to the gas in the container.
Hope these points help you in the maintenance of your vehicle. Nevertheless, if you opt for long-term storage, it is advisable to go for storage facilities as they will maintain and take care of it completely.

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