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17 July 2017

How to Ensure a Stress-Free Packaging and Moving Process?

Hassle-free moving and packaging is possible if you follow these simple tips as mentioned in this article.

1. Gather your family for a safety briefing session

You may find this irrelevant but you will be delighted with the efficient results this particular activity gives. Start with making your every family member ready for the moving day, making each of them aware of their roles and responsibilities. Who will ensure that personal and valuable items are not handled by the movers and packers team? Who will ensure proper packaging and moving of furniture? Who will ensure nothing is left behind? Who will ensure the pets don’t get hurt during the moving process?

Tip - Keep your kids and pets completely safe by keeping them at a place that is as far away from the packing and moving action as possible. You can ask them to stay at the relative’s home or a trusted friend’s place to avoid injuries.

2. Pack your household appliances

This may sound obvious but is also easily forgotten in the haste of packing other valuable things. Make this task a top priority of your moving inventory checklist. Once finished, allow your professional movers to pack up and move those big electric appliances (carefully) all the way to your new place.

Tip- Unplug any big appliances you look forward to pack and move like refrigerators, freezers and washing machines.


Cordon off a section of the room to prevent maneuver of important items like important documents, valuables, medicines and so on by anyone else.

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