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11 April 2012

Points to remember when putting your vehicle in storage while going onvacation

Congratulations! Those extended hours of work, for weeks on end and endless glugs of caffeine have finally paid off. The new project has come online weeks ahead of schedule and your firm has agreed to send you and your family on a three week vacation to an exotic location.

As the packing begins in anticipation of the celebrations, you suddenly are awakened to the fact that your car is going to be parked in the driveway for all the time that you are going to be gone. Weighing in the options, you decide to do the right thing and contact your preferred personal storage provider in the region. Delighted upon confirmation that they do have a slot vacant for your car, you are now wondering about the steps to take for preparing the car for storage. If you’ve ever find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few points to remember when you put your vehicle in storage:

Since the duration of storage is going to be less than a month, the first step you take is by giving the car exterior a thorough wash and clean treatment. This serves to take off all the corrosive dirt that might have been accumulated during those daily runs.

Check all fluid levels and top them up as necessary. This should ensure that those fluid pipelines stay lubricated and do not dry out during storage.

Charge the battery to the full strength and disconnect the car power cables from it. This reduces the chances of a steady drain of the battery and also does away with the chances of short-circuit while in storage.

Wheels must be placed on jacks and the tires overinflated to about 2-3 psi above the recommended levels.

Power up the engine and keep it running till it has sufficiently warmed up. Then power down and check all windows and doors to ensure that they are properly secured.

Both the trunk, glove compartment along with the space under the seats should be given the once over to ensure that no belongings or valuables are left behind.

Shift the gear lever into reverse for cars equipped with a manual transmission while moving the parking brake to the off position in cars equipped with an automatic transmission.

Lastly, while most operators might not recommend it, a closed parking slot is always preferred while parking your vehicle in storage. This reduces the corrosive damage caused by exposure to the elements as well as other natural contaminants like bird droppings.

That’s it, all that remains is to sign over the documents and get packing to enjoy your hard-earned vacation in complete peace.
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