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11 June 2015

5 Toys Which Should Be A Part Of Your Storage Space

The sign of growing children does not point to throwing away all their toys. The toys won’t be a part of the child’s life anymore but storing certain toys might be good idea for monetary, sappy, or other “just-in-case” scenarios.

The five toys you must prevent throwing off are:

Video games:

Video games with their consoles still in working condition are the items which should go in your storage space. Your child may develop a yearning sometime or perhaps they are best things to keep your visiting relatives entertained.

LEGO toys-

Being around for 83 years, the small bricks of LEGO are timeless toys. Even when your kids don’t want to play with them anymore, store them to have them passed down in future to the younger relatives or family friends.

Dolls and other action figures-

Storing dolls and other action figures is always beneficial for two things. First, they are most searched items by kids whenever they get bored. Secondly, action figures have good monetary value whether it is the Barbie doll or Star Wars characters.

For instance, during the last year of September, a doll of Cabbage Patch went flat for $658 on eBay. Also if the toys don’t get you decent bucks, they are always the endearing items to pass down to future generations.

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