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16 March 2012

Security and the Storage Industry

Self storage facilities have indeed come a long way. They have gone from being store houses of edible goods to a more comprehensive solution that offers significant cost as well as space savings. This is true for the domestic customers as well as the enterprise solutions seekers. By and large, the customer renting the storage unit is responsible for the belongings held inside. This is the very nature of the self storage industry and is a primary building block under which the personal storage edifice stands. A storage company is likely to be held liable, only under certain conditions where facility safety has been compromised by the actions or in-actions of the facility staff.

Among the blanket of security solutions that are rolled out, Closed Circuit Cameras or CCTVs play the more significant role in keeping the facility safe. Such an arrangement usually involves surveillance cameras being placed all around the facility. The arrangement could be discrete, may be made highly visible or a mixture of both and is usually at the discretion of the facility management. The cameras are monitored via a central control room, where a constant watch is maintained for discrepancies. Modern advancements in technology have given them night vision, infra-red capabilities, etc. This has made them a formidable force in the security of storage facilities.

Now-a-days, computerized access control cards, with bio-identification capabilities are also making an appearance. Such a system, especially when teamed with the CCTV network, does offer a rather formidable defense against malicious activities from being carried out on the facility premises. Storage Qatar is a quality storage solutions provider that has built up a reputation of keeping a special focus on security. They offer a plethora of customized storage solutions that appeal to a wide spectrum of clients. One can learn more about their range of offerings at:

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