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22 March 2017

How To Handle Pets With Care While You Relocate?

Moving can be tedious process. And it can get lot more tiresome if you have pets that are allergic to the moving dust and chaos. Here are some tips to help you handle pets with care during the move.

Understand your pets

It is important that you know the basics of handling your pets with care. For instance, fans do not always help your pets avoid heat. Understand that pets eject heat in a different manner than that of humans. Consider dogs, they eject sweat through their feel. Hence, using fans won’t help. This tells about considering different approaches to keep your pets cool. Now, you may like the idea of keeping a fan around your pet, but if they doze off in front of the fan, the persistent airflow can dehydrate your pet. Instead, you can simply try using cold water towel or letting it munch on cubes of ice.

Identify their signs of heat exhaustion

You can do this with periodic evaluation of your pet’s body temperature during the move. In this case you should know the normal body temperatures of the pet you have. For example, a dog’s internal body temperature mustn’t surpass 104 degrees. You can detect signs of restlessness through motions like heavy panting, absence of coordination or dark red tongue.

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