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29 January 2015

4 Easy Tips For Efficient Bathroom Storage

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest places in your house but it cannot be neglected and allowed to get untidy.

If unchecked, it can get quite shabby and ruin the overall d├ęcor of your house. Did you know that investing just an hour every week can give your bathroom a tidier look? Check out how?

1. Begin with de-cluttering.

This should be the 1st step towards reducing bathroom clutter: systematic cleanout.

Liberate yourself from bathroom items you have not used in 2 months.
Get rid of all the useless and expired toiletries.

Note: Consult your neighboring waste-removal services for safe disposal of medicines.
What you achieve? A sleek and tidy looking bathroom like the one shown above.

2. Tidy-up the sink

If you’re confused where to start, try tidying up the sink first. Do a quick survey of all the objects on the sink and decide which ones you don’t use and need. Then, get rid of unnecessary materials around the sink and nearby countertop.
Time saver- Keep your everyday items in a basket or tray like above. During cleaning just move the tray rather than moving individual items!

3. Store the essentials using wire dividers!

Did you know that easy-to-reach shelves made from plastic and wire dividers are great for storage? First of all, they’re inexpensive. Second, they help in easy storage of items like makeup and toiletries. Third, they take very little space!

Key benefits- 

Removable shelves are extremely handy.
The plastic wire resists moisture and helps wet items dry quickly!
The wiring prevents items from falling off and provides easy visibility.

4. Avoiding bathroom-complexity

Now this is a brilliant example, one which we love. Multiple people may be sharing a bath. In such cases, get a one-stranded shelf like above. The beauty of this shelf is the criss-cross storage arrangement you can see above. It enables easy storage and identification of personal items like towels which are color-coded.

Bonus tip- Additionally the baskets below provide quick and personal pullout storage!

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