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18 April 2017

Storage in Qatar: Moving Things the Right Way

How do you make sure there won’t be any major hassles on the moving day? By knowing and rectifying certain things well in advance. They are as follows.

1. How far is the storage unit?

This is an important concern that needs to be addressed before even short listing the various moving and storage companies. If the distance between your current place and storage unit is too far, it will cost you more time and money with regards to petrol, time taken to reach the storage unit and so on.

2. Near is better

It is always wise to choose the storage and moving company that is near to your current residence. It also makes it easy for you to make frequent visits to ensure your things are stored in good condition and repossess the ones to use whenever needed.

Concluding tips | Moving company Qatar

Here are some cool tips to ensure your items are well-protected.

• Cover the flooring of your storage unit with a tarpaulin sheet to prevent moisture or water damage to your items.

• Keep a distance of one inch between your items and from the wall to prevent mould formation.

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22 March 2017

How To Handle Pets With Care While You Relocate?

Moving can be tedious process. And it can get lot more tiresome if you have pets that are allergic to the moving dust and chaos. Here are some tips to help you handle pets with care during the move.

Understand your pets

It is important that you know the basics of handling your pets with care. For instance, fans do not always help your pets avoid heat. Understand that pets eject heat in a different manner than that of humans. Consider dogs, they eject sweat through their feel. Hence, using fans won’t help. This tells about considering different approaches to keep your pets cool. Now, you may like the idea of keeping a fan around your pet, but if they doze off in front of the fan, the persistent airflow can dehydrate your pet. Instead, you can simply try using cold water towel or letting it munch on cubes of ice.

Identify their signs of heat exhaustion

You can do this with periodic evaluation of your pet’s body temperature during the move. In this case you should know the normal body temperatures of the pet you have. For example, a dog’s internal body temperature mustn’t surpass 104 degrees. You can detect signs of restlessness through motions like heavy panting, absence of coordination or dark red tongue.

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20 February 2017

Effective Storage Hacks For Your Little One

When you have children, and they are small and newborn, there are many things that enter your home. From cradles to diapers, powder boxes to all the other clinical paraphernalia; you know that you need more space to store these without delay. Read on to know some great storage hacks and put your storage woes at bay.

Under the bed

Peek under your bed and you will know how much space goes unutilised. You can use this space sufficient enough to store your baby’s belongings like powder cans, oil, and all other ointments. You can even store clothes wrapped up in a tray or a bag.

Shelves by the wall

Also known as open shelves, they provide sufficient storage space. They make it easy for children to access toys and books for everyday need. However, avoid storing things that are lethal like sharp tools. If they are babies then don’t even place many things in these shelves as babies have a tendency to play with any kind of items using their mouth, unless it is a milk bottle.

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24 January 2017

Self Storage Contracts And You

Self storage companies continue to provide thousands of tenants with secure storage options for their most valuable goods. However, before you enter an agreement with any storage and moving company, do make a point to know about the self storage contracts. Don’t know yet? No worries, better late than never. Read on to know more about the essential self storage contracts.

Taking the first steps | Understanding self storage contracts?

Knowing about contracts is as important as knowing about the right self storage unit size. You see most self storage organizations will ask you to make upfront deposit. Now that you have got a basic understanding about the self storage contracts, let us delve into the details of an important aspect of storage contracts- self storage deposits.

Self storage deposits

Self storage contracts consist of deposit agreements such as any kind of rental agreements. Further, a self storage firm may ask you to deposit for the use of equipment. What is that? So for instance if the company uses any special type of equipment to move your car during the rental period, it may ask you to deposit for the equipment used to move the car to the storage unit. But don’t worry. This amount that companies ask you to deposit will be refunded after the contract is closed.

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20 December 2016

Move Your Vehicle With Ease

What do you do when you for some reason are not able to or don’t want to drive your car to a place? You take help of the storage and moving companies to safely transport your car to the required destination. However, before gearing up for the move, have you ensured necessary precautions to prevent any damage to your car? If not, then read on and act now.

Check your car for bruises

You should check your car for bruises before letting it into the moving container. This is important so that you know your car has not suffered a new damage after it reaches the destination. Also inform your storage manager about it and discuss the scenario. Check for a clause that allows for remuneration lest any damage is caused to the car.

Get rid of trivia

It is extremely important to remove all kinds of mobile items from your car. It includes everything from antennas and radio to items that you think are liable to move around and keep hitting the car’s surface from within.


Movers & Packers In Qatar strongly recommends everyone on the move to enjoy the journey. It cheers you and your friends or relatives who are joining you a great deal!
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14 November 2016

Don’t Compromise On These Features When Looking For Storage Facilities

Storage facilities are a great way to nullify your storage woes. Here are some features you must ensure your storage facility or storage company provides.

Easy to use:

Certain weekly hours of access may not suit your requirement. Hence, look for storage facilities that provide 24/7 access to your items. Determine how often you will need to access your items before navigating through the accessible hours of different storage companies.


You want your possessions to be secure, so security is a priority when choosing a storage facility. Make sure that the storage company offers the following security and safety features. Make sure that your storage unit is equipped with fire alarms and other equipment like sprinkler system to protect your items from any kind of damage due to fire.

Protective aspects:

It is a must to verify whether our storage facilities provide the right kind of protection to the items thus ensuring the well being of the materials stored. For instance, the storage units must provide adequately ventilation through pores at the top of the walls, or a good ventilation system. This is important to ensure proper aeration to prevent any mildew or dust accumulation on the items stored that can cause damage.

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19 October 2016

The Various Flexible And Convenient Aspects Of Self Storage

Self-storage facilities provide 24 hour protection against natural environmental damages like fire. Also only you can access your individual unit. Further, self-storage facilities come with their own perks of convenience and flexibility. Read on to know them.

Convenient aspects

• The pallet jacks and trolleys make it easy to manoeuvre your things

• You get access to your things 24X7

• Packing materials are available on the site

Flexibility aspects

• Flexible storage options for business dealing with large number of stocks

• You enjoy flexibility in terms of space usage and facilities

• Many self-storage facilities require you to inform just one day or a week prior to decrease or increaseyour storage space basis your storage needs.

• Enjoy flexible rentals and no long term lease

• Enjoy flexible facilities like forklifts, storage in bulk, and drive up units.

Conclusion | International Removal Services Qatar

Are you planning to relocate as your current office space is not meeting your needs? That can be an expensive deal which can be easily avoided by renting a storage space. Transfer those unnecessary equipment, files, and documents to a storage unit.

This will not only free up space but also provide a cheaper alternative for storage needs.

We offer storage facilities with International Removal Services in Qatar with top of the line security that is ideal for any business.

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16 September 2016

Reducing Stress With Reliable Storage Services

Whether it is your car, or your furniture, storage services relieves you from all kinds of storage worries. Our moving company Qatar would like to throw some light on essential tips to make your storage and moving process easy and secure.

Cover them up

Cover your valuable things with a tarp or sheet that would keep the dirt and dust away prevent things from getting spoilt or damaged due to moisture, water and dirt. A ten dollar tarp or sheet will save you thousands of dollars especially if you are going to store your things for a long time and haven’t fully insured them.

Storing furniture the right way

Do you have valuable furniture which you don’t use anymore? Are you planning to move to a new house but the thought of moving and breaking precious furniture haunts you? These situations can easily lead to unnecessary stress and spoil the mood.

Our moving company Qatar provides storage facilities to relive from your storage worries. From small baskets to large beddings and furniture, we have storage units with the right environmental and climatic conditions like ambient temperature facilities to keep your furniture in the best suitable condition thus preserving its quality and good condition.

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16 August 2016

Mini Storage Facilities For Businesses

A popular concept amongst individuals and businesses, mini storage provides space to keep large and heavy things that are difficult to move and get damaged due to environmental reasons. You can store anything from ancient paintings, old furniture, piano, hover boards, to boats. Businesses are using mini storage for many reasons.

Businesses can use mini storage facilities for that extra room to store raw materials, supplies, huge files, furniture and so on. Businesses can also rent spaces in buildings. However, it will ultimately cost them much more than mini storage which offers special discounts as well for bulk units stored.

Mini storage facilities also helps to store things that organisations aren’t using currently but don’t want to throw either for some reason. Companies can use mini storage units to safely store such things till they are put to use.

Each storage facility is different and offers different kinds of services. The most reliable ones offer a 24 hour phone number to contact and verify about the safety of your materials. They also have a more flexible and wider range of business hours so that you can take a round to the unit and ensure everything is fine.

We offer mini storage facilities with International Removal Services Qatar with top of the line security that is ideal for any business. We ensure your company products are safe all the time.
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21 July 2016

How Self Storage Facilities Ensure Safety Of Your Children?

Living in a clutter-ridden house is a compromise with proper utilization of space that has a major role in creating a positive and peace-worthy environment at home. Let’s see how storage facilities protect your children from getting hurt or even facing severe consequences.

Safety of your children | Self storage Dubai:

Good and reliable self storage facilities not only provide adequate space for storing of items but also keep away children and other family members from sharp tools and equipment. It is not wise enough to have lot of tools and other dangerous equipments kept around your house. They pose threat especially to kids as kids have a tendency to fiddle and fuss with these sharp items thereby hurting themselves. It is therefore important to keep such items out of reach from children. The self storage houses provide a best way to store your items in complete safety, also being far away from the reach of kids. Hence, if you see tools like saws, drills, power tools, and ladders often lying around, transfer them to a self-storage unit to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Other than that, if you have large items like canoes and cars, which consume a large space and require 24 hour security, it is better if you’d move these items to a storage facility. The storage facilities are specially designed to store such valuable items like cars, and ski boats having facilities like weather and dust protection. Storing these items for long term durability individually can be much resource consuming. However, renting a self storage unit is anytime cheaper and more secure.

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