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18 December 2013

Bike storage tips – Keep your bike in good condition this winter

With winter embracing life in the Middle East, bike riders may become worried about the safety of their bikes. Here we provide you with some simple tips to store your bike this winter:

Keep your bike in a dry place - It is advisable to use a cover for your bike rather than a plastic tarp or sheet. This is because the sheet can get damp and lead to rusting, while the plastic tarp will absorb the moisture leading to condensation on your motorcycle. Keep your bike safely in a dry place.

Fill up fresh petrol in your car - This will help you to start using your bike once again after storing it for a long period of time. Change the filters too as the moisture in the filter may lead to rusting of the vehicle.

Attach a fuel stabilizer to your vehicle - In this way, the fuel doesn’t evaporate and it keeps the system filled up from time to time. Try it for a short period of time to see if the vehicle adjusts with the new fuel stabilizer.

Ensure that your battery is full - Some of the bikes out in the market use away your battery for things such as the alarm system, clock and others. It is always better to keep your battery fully charged while stashing it in the storage unit. Later, you can keep returning to the storage unit to recharge your battery.

Keep an eye on the tires – It is better if you inflate them as air has the capacity to condense in the tires when the temperature comes down. And in Qatar, the lowest temperatures recorded range between 10 to 15 degrees.
                                 Enjoy the winter season and store your bike safely.
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20 November 2013

Tips to select the right bubble wrap for packaging

Bubble wraps are generally used to cover items while shifting from one place to another. There are four types of bubble wraps available in the market in four standard sizes

of 1/2”, 1/8", 3/16" and 5/16”. The sizes mentioned are in terms of the height of the bubbles and not their diameters.

The largest bubble of all is the 1/2” sized bubble, while the 1/8" sized bubble is less popular and is referred to as the super small bubble. The 3/16" and 5/16" bubbles are referred to as small and medium bubbles, respectively. You need to choose the right bubble wrap for all your priceless belongings. Here we provide you with some tips for the same.

  • 1.For delicate items, use small or super small bubble wraps as they conveniently serve the purpose. You can also make a small bag or pouch using the bubble wrap to fit in small and fragile things.

  • 2.For better protection, you can use several layers of bubble wrap and then tape them at the right place. Always wrap the bubble cap on to the items for ultimate protection against bumps and hits.

  • 3.For sturdy items, you can make use of the medium sized bubble wraps. Larger sized bubble wraps can be used to fill up empty space in a large box. The budget friendly status of bubble wraps makes them the best option for packaging.

  • 4.It is noted that using more than one type of bubble wrap is the best kind of packaging possible. For example, wrap in a small delicate item with the super small bubble wrap and then fill up the box that it is kept in using the large bubble. In this way, two different sizes of bubble wraps can be used for the packaging of one item securely.

However, you need to keep in mind that a bubble wrap doesn’t guarantee complete protection against scratches and marks. You have to use the right kind of bubble wrap for the right things to ensure complete protection.
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21 October 2013

Managing clothes in a storage unit

Just like a bundle of books seems inseparable to an avid book reader, so does a heap of clothes to the modern day woman. Sometimes, the shopping spree just does not end until you finally realize that you have no space to store them in your own house. It can be really difficult to simply throw away your clothes as they can always be customized as per your will at any point of time. 

Especially attire that you usually wear during the cold such as sweaters, sweat shirts or any other form of clothing need to be stored in the right manner. They have to be reused year after year and so they need to be in good form always. Otherwise, the ever-growing bacteria are ever-ready to spoil your clothes by digging pores in them and damage them in every possible way.

It’s now that you look for a secure storage unit which can stow your clothes till the next term arrives. And not just winter or summer clothing, but any kind of attire which you think you can’t give away and need them to be with you forever, calls for a secure storage unit.

There are just a few things you need to keep in mind before storing your clothes in the unit. Firstly wash the clothes clean and dry them thoroughly. Place them properly in the baggage starting with the heaviest clothing at the bottom and the lighter clothing upwards. You can place naphthalene balls to lend the clothes a nice smell and keep them away from decaying agents. Use thick bags that can cover the clothes completely in order to prevent fungal growth of any kind.

So haven’t you decided your wardrobe as yet?
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25 September 2013

Toy Storage Made Easy

You have children at home? You are bound to step on one of their toys once in a day for sure. They are practically everywhere! Your tot plays with them for 30 minutes, but they are seen lying around for the rest of the day. You have absolutely no clue as to where to shove them. These toys need to be managed, stored, and organized, but how? Toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and because of this not all of them can be accommodated into regular boxes. At the same time it is not economical to spend in new storage each time a new toy comes in. Given below are five fantastic ideas that you would definitely want to try that will help make space as well as organize toys.

1.      Canisters: These make wonderful storage containers. You don’t have to have a creative bend either. Just add a bit of colour to the lids, some old animal or bird figurines and paint them up. They are attractive and will be able to stack up just anything and everything, for instance, Lego, crayons, stickers, markers, etc.

2.      Pouches: These are not necessarily the small pouches or kits you are thinking. These are big enough to be attached to a bed or a cabinet or even to a settee. They can be your ideal place to stack up colour books, comic books, board games, plush toys, etc.

3.      Old soda crates or bins: These can be affixed with wheels and can be carried anywhere. They are very handy and convenient. Furthermore, bins can double as a seating arrangement too. Also, you can have racks with plastic basket shelves or set-up trays to keep the toys.

4.      Hanging baskets: Baskets have been used for an assortment of items. You can stack up your fruits and vegetables and you can use them for toys. They don’t occupy space and can be placed anywhere you like.

5.      In-built shelves: They can be used for toys as well as books. You can add your funkiness to them and change the entire appearance of the room! Moreover, you will be freeing up a lot of floor space.
Given above were five of the best storage ideas. You can always come up with some more creative ideas of your own and help avoid the mess your little one leaves behind.

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27 August 2013

Understanding the Benefits of Offsite Records Management

Offsite records management has been a boon in more ways than one. It has taken of a major burden from the shoulders of the employees. It has helped in giving them a safe and secure solution when it comes to their important documents and credentials. At the same time there has been employee theft and several companies have fallen because of simple cases of theft. What is surprising is that these have been conducted by employees working in the companies themselves. You ask why? Well, the majority of employers utilize the services of the best of the lot when it comes to the safety and security of important and personal documents and confidential records. However, a doubt is never raised on their own employees. Thus, employee theft becomes a lot easier and simple. Let us understand the benefits of offsite records management.

Safekeeping of records:  Protection and confidentiality of vital records and files is often taken too carelessly. Businesses realise the mistake only when there is larceny. The companies are besieged with efforts to comply with privacy standards, sensitive document handling, in addition to safety from fraud and identity theft. A confidential record handling and storage make security easier.

Guarded access to records & data:  The ones who are authorized to view the records are the only ones who have access. No one else can view it without a certain password or right.

Climate controlled storage units:  When the storage facility is climate controlled it makes sure the records are safe and last longer, whatever be the media format.

Flexibility:  When you store you have all the flexibility you need. There is 24/7 service that is inclusive of inventory, retrieval, storage, imaging, data archiving, business continuity, as well as shredding of records and files are all significant details that help in making your storage easy to access and use.

Save staff time:  Offsite record management helps to systematize and manage business records so they can be retrieved quickly without any difficulty. Thus, cutting down the time the staff spends looking for data.

Storage In Qatar :
We offer the complete document storage, document archiving facility and record management solution in Qatar

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25 July 2013

Things You Should Know Before Moving

A new job, a better opportunity, a change in environment, is always exciting. The sad part is the moving along with a 1001 things. Calling for a moving company can do wonders, but they cannot be of help when it comes to all your nitty-gritty details. They take a lot of time and effort, and yes, you have to do them yourself. This blog is an insight of what all needs to be done before you bid a final goodbye to your apartment.

Take care of your paperwork ahead of time: Simply because getting all the paperwork done on the day of the move is very tiring and never fun. Along with this ensure that you have verified your lease. You don’t want to leave your old home and find out the clauses, you don’t agree with, or you may have forgotten and then find yourself in a mess.

Be realistic with what you pack: You can’t afford to take your entire house when you move out. Please be practical. It is illogical, time-consuming and of course costly. These include things that are worn out, stuff you don’t or won’t be using. Don’t include things you haven’t used in years, and just because you have seen them, you may want to. Simply put, you won’t.

The items that won’t be moved: A moving company is hired to take care of all your needs and requirements; however, they will not transport any dangerous items. For instance, the items that are hazardous, flammable, or explosive. Moreover, no perishable items will be taken either especially if it is a long distance travel. They could get spoil in transit.

Most of the movers and packers talk about doing anything and everything that comes with the relocation process. Nonetheless, it is your responsibility to read between the lines and take care of what needs to be done and what can be avoided. Thus, follow the above guidelines when transporting your belongings to have a safer and a happier move.
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