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26 December 2014

DIY Storage Ideas for Kid's Room

Having kids is a lot of work. 

Having kids involves caring for the kids, cleaning, doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning. We mentioned cleaning twice. But that is maybe because when you have kids around, you have to clean the house several times a day to prevent clutter from taking over your household.

In this blog, we give you a few storage tricks that you can easily implement in the kid's bedroom that will keep clutter at bay.

Connecting crates:

Stick and bind these handy plastic crates together and put them high up on the wall. Store soft toys and toys and books in these crates.

Bungee rod pen for soft toys:

Soft toys getting everywhere in the room? Put them in one place and keep them there with a pen for soft toys and bungee roads holding it close.

Hang buckets for easy storage of toys and crayons and other misc items:

Buckets are an easy way to keep the toys and other knick knacks in place. Teach your child to put their toys back in the buckets after they are done playing with them.

Magnetic Strips to hold cars:

If you have a child who loves cars you might be all too familiar with cars in all colours and sizes cluttered around your kid's bedroom. A magnetic strip is the perfect solution to the car clutter. Not only does it keep the car clutter under control, it also makes for a great wall display.

There are several other ways of controlling clutter in the kid's bedroom too:

1. Donate: The gift of donation and giving to the needy is greater than any other. It is possible that your kids have a lot of toys that they do not use any more. Consider gifting them to an orphanage or the less fortunate. This way you not only do a good deed but make your life tidies and clutter-free.

2. Storage: If there are items that your kid is not using regularly, consider putting it in storage to reduce the clutter around your house. At Storage in Qatar we offer the most customer-friendly and affordable storage services in Qatar. You can book your storage space here(

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27 November 2014

De - Clutter Your Office With Our Document Management Service

Too many files in your office causing clutter?

Often, storing documents in office can cause clutter and keep your office disorganized. If the files are not stored in an organized fashion, it can get hard to retrieve them when they are needed.

When you choose a document storage service, there are a couple of things you should be sure of.

1. Safety of your documents.
2. Documents are organized neatly.
2. Easy access to your documents.
3. Protection of documents from insects and other natural factors.

At Storage in Qatar, we tick all of the above parameters.

We will store your documents in a very organized fashion so that they are easy to locate. Our trained team will also help you access your files when you need them for audit purposes or otherwise.

We also offer same day delivery and pick-up services for your documents. We have dedicated document storage facilities that are sprayed with insecticide regularly to protect your documents from silver fish and rodents.

We ensure that you stay confident about our facilities and at peace that your documents are in safe hands. Storing your documents at our storage facilities is the perfect solution for all your problems.

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29 October 2014

Tips on carving the pumpkin perfectly for Halloween

It is trick and treating season and it is incomplete without a carved pumpkin. But if you haven't carved a pumpkin before or done so with disastrous results, we will guide you step by step and tell you how to do it right.

1. Choose the right pumpkin:
Always choose a pumpkin with a flat bottom. The pumpkin should be fresh with no bruises on it and a sturdy stem.

2. Cutting the lid:
When you cut the lid, you should make sure that the lid does not drop inside the pumpkin after it is cut. To prevent this, cut the lid at an angle with a boning knife.

3. Scoop it out:
Scoop out all the pulp from inside the pumpkin and then keep scooping. Scoop out a bit of the inner wall as well. The wall of the pumpkin should be an inch thick. This makes it easier to pierce the shell when you are carving the pumpkin.

4. Carve it right:
While carving your pumpkin, remember to cut straight in lines that go up or down. Don't cut at a slant. Place the pumpkin in your lap for a better grip.

5. Light it up:
Light up the pumpkin with a tea light candle. Carve a small chimney in the lid to reduce burning. A little-known secret that some pumpkin-carving masters is that they sprinkle a little cinnamon powder inside the pumpkin. This way when you light up the pumpkin, it smells like pumpkin pie.

6. Care for your jack-o'-lantern:
Spread some petroleum jelly on the cut edges to keep the pumpkin fresh for a few days. If your pumpkin starts to shrivel, soak it in cold water for 8 hours with its face down to revive it.

Happy Halloween from The Box. Post a link to a picture of your pumpkin in our comments. Happy trick or treating!

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29 September 2014

Are You Storing Smart?

We are sure that you store right and try to keep your house tidy, but did you know there was a smarter way of storing that could make your house a super-house? Read on to know more.

Twist that magazine holder:
You might have an old magazine holder lying around in the house, next to a couch or an armchair. Did you know there was a smart way to use it? Here it is: Nail it to a wall! This way you can use it to store stuff inside as well as place things on it. Smart, isn’t it?

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Storage behind the door:
Find the space around your basin too crowded? Maybe you are ignoring a crucial space you can store your toiletries. The space on the other side of the door of the bathroom cabinet can be used to hold shelves which can in turn store lots of small toiletries.

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Lots of space under the bed:
While a cast-iron bed certainly looks neater, it does not provide much storage. Instead, you should opt for a bed that offers plenty of under-bed storage, especially if you have kids around. Under the bed is a perfect place for things that you need to use rarely. Kept under the bed, they stay out of sight for a while and keep your space neat.

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Thrash bags on a roll:
We couldn't find a neater way to store thrash bags than this. Put them up on the wall next to the thrash can wound up just like toilet paper. Easy, neat and accessible!

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If you still feel like your house is cluttered, use our offer cheap and convenient storage options in a location near you. Check our website to avail the best storage services in all of Qatar.

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26 August 2014

Questions to Consider before Moving to a New City

Preparation for moving to a new city often starts months in advance. But before you pack your bags and go, read through this blog and make sure you are really prepared for the move.

How safe is the city you will be moving to?
Have a look at the safety statistics of the city that you will be moving to. Check the crime rate of the neighborhood that you will be moving to. For additional peace of mind, consider installing a security system. This might not be a very positive thing to think about but it is definitely necessary.

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Are there suitable schools and extra-curricular activities for children available?
If you are moving with children, you have to consider that it will be more difficult for the kids to adjust. The first step is to look for quality schools. A good school will ensure quality education, high quality teachers and an encouraging friends circle for your kids. It will definitely help in making the move easier for your kids and will shape their future for the better. Another thing to consider is the availability of extra-curricular activities for your kids. These may involve stadiums, playing fields, music classes and maybe even attractions such as picnic spots and amusement parks.

How long is the commute to workplace and what are the local transportation facilities like?
When you move to a new place, you also move into a new job, along with new responsibilities and new work routines. To make the new routine easier on you, you should be prepared for local commuting beforehand. First step should be to research the office to home commute. Opt for a house close to your workplace. This can save you precious commute time that you can then devote to settling in the new city.

What is the weather like?
If you are moving to Qatar, you should keep in mind that Qatar is warm almost all months of the year. Some months might be cooler during evenings, but the daytime temperature ranges from searing hot to moderately warm. Before moving to Qatar, you should be prepared to deal with the heat. Make sure you pack adequate clothing and carry it with you on the flight. Clothing that might not be suitable for the weather should be put in storage facilities, at least at the beginning to save you the trouble of unpacking.

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Should you book storage facilities in the new city in advance?
It is a good idea to book storage facilities in advance in the city you are moving to. When you move, there will be a lot of unpacking and settling in to do. Several boxes might not need to be opened until later, and by putting those boxes in storage, you can clear up the clutter in your new home and get sorted earlier. The Box has storage facilities in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. Our storage facilities are the best in class and we offer the best customer services in all of UAE.

In addition, we also provide local and international relocation services according to your requirements. With The Box, you can be assured of complete and comprehensive storage and moving services in your neighborhood.
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31 July 2014

5 Unique Tips for Storing Knick Knacks

Do pins, jewelry, beads, bills and other knick knacks just lie around our house and cause clutter? These small knick knacks make your house look cluttered and untidy. Your perfect home might end up looking unorganized and unattractive. Here are some tips to keep that clutter under control.

1) Store bills in a glass mason jar.

This is a brilliant way of making sure that the bills are not flying around the house and are all in one place.


2) Store batteries in a plastic tackle box.

Store batteries of different sizes in different compartments and keep them neat and accessible.


3) Use flower pots to store bathroom supplies.

Flower pots make cute bathroom supplies. Even better if the pots are brightly coloured! Use them to store earbuds, cotton, soaps and other mish mash.


4) Use net bags to hold bath tub toys.

There is no need to tolerate your kid’s bath toys all over the bathroom when there is such a simple and perfect solution in place.


5) Use an old tissue dispenser to store grocery bags.

Store your grocery bags or smaller garbage bags in style and out of style with this handy tip.

Say goodbye to clutter with these unique storage tips. If you still feel like your house is cluttered, use our offer cheap and convenient storage options in a location near you. Check our website to avail the best storage services in all of Qatar.
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13 May 2014

What to do while looking for and using a Storage Facility

Today’s world is growing at a rapid pace. Boundaries are becoming small and there are many job opportunities across the globe. However, it’s not easy to re-locate if your job is in another city or country.  Re-locating is quite a hassle even if it is in the same city let alone another city and country.
Storage Facility

Here, we will give you some tips on how to make use of storage facilities which are available virtually everywhere and how they will make your life easier.

1) Call up and take appointment to check out the storage facilities in the area that you are likely to move in so that it’s easier for you to visit it according to your convenience.

2) Choose the appropriate size of the storage unit. Don’t opt for smaller sizes if you need a bigger one or don’t opt for a bigger one if you need a smaller one. These storage units are cost effective but make sure you choose your requirement of space wisely and well.

3) Check if the walls are damp or damaged, floors are wet and full of cracks and if no rodents are present. You are going to keep your belongings there. Make sure that they don’t get damaged while in storage.

4) Ask the storage unit people if they provide packing help too. As they are professionals, they will surely help with packing of your goods that require being stored or will guide you to the best packers with whom they might have a mutual tie-up.

5) Make sure you visit the storage unit facility regularly to check if your goods are intact. It also shows how serious you are about the welfare of your goods.

6) Utilize the space properly. Stack up everything properly. For example, put your old cupboard straight horizontally instead of making it lie down vertically. Keep the heavier things at a lower level. In this way you won’t end up cramming everything and you’ll find them easily when you need them.

There are many more aspects that one needs to look into while using a storage facility.  These are some aspects that we feel are basic and one must not undermine them while looking up and using a storage facility. After all, you are going to use your hard earned money to store and protect your personal goods.
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25 April 2014

Perks Of Renting a Storage Unit - An Ideal Choice

Self storage is gaining immense prominence in recent days.  The number of
companies offering such facilities is simply increasing with each passing day. People now want to live an organized life for which you need to rent a storage unit. The benefits of it are many, some of which are stated below.

1.    You are not tied up by long term contracts - It is a misconception that you can only opt for long term contracts. The fact is that you can choose a unit for just a month as well. This kind of flexibility will allow you to store your goods temporarily in a good state.

2.    Your requirement is addressed in a jiffy – There are some situations when you need a storage unit almost instantaneously. The good news is that you can get a storage unit on the same day itself. So you don’t have to wait for all the transactions to get over as things get done very quickly and you are given the required unit.

3.    You have the 24 hours access feature – This feature allows you to access your goods anytime you want. So even if you wish to rotate the things stored in the unit, you can comfortably do so.

4.    Security is given priority over other things – Once you store your goods in the unit, you can simply relax and have peace of mind as your goods are treated in the best possible way. Alarm systems, lock and keys, password protection and many more mechanisms are used to attain maximum security.

5.    You can get your goods insured – Your goods can get damaged during sudden incidents such as fire or storm. Almost every other storage company has an insurance policy for the goods stored in the unit. Thus, you can get a compensation for the lost or damaged goods.

6.    You can select the right sized unit – Often, people end up renting a larger unit for a small number of things. Doing this is a waste of time as well as space. Hence you need to select the right sized unit. There are a number of options available for sizes of the unit and so you can take your time and select the right one.

These are some advantages of renting a storage unit that you can make the most of.
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24 March 2014

Tips to Store Potatoes - Keep Them Fresh and Clean

No matter how much you deny, everyone has an inclination towards potatoes. There are many eatables that can be prepared using potatoes. However, you need to store them optimally to avoid any kind of spoilage. Mentioned below are a few tips on the same.

Store them in a dry place – Moisture can lead to infestation and mold growth. Therefore you need to ensure that potatoes are stored in a dry place away from any kind of humidity or moisture.

Store them at room temperature – Potatoes are in their best form when they are stored at room temperature.

Do not refrigerate them – There are many people who store potatoes in the refrigerator. Doing this can lead to conversion of the starch into sugar, that may lead to discoloration and spoilage. And even if you store them in the refrigerator, remove them outside and let them come back to room temperature before you use them for cooking.

Do not wash them with water or any other thing before storage – Washing potatoes before storage can lead to accumulation of moisture that can spoil them easily.

Avoid stowing them in warm areas – You must never store potatoes in places that are close to heat sources such as gas cylinders, below the sink or right in front of an open window. They can get spoilt if they absorb too much of sunlight.

Store them in paper bags or perforated plastic bags – Storing them in such bags can help to extend the shelf life of potatoes.

Be careful of sprouting or green potatoes – Both of these are signs that the potato is not normal. Eating potatoes that have sprouted or turned green can make you sick.

Keep the above tips in mind before you store potatoes this season.
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19 February 2014

Tips on How to Use Shrink Wrap For Storing Things

Shrink wrap is being used widely for domestic as well as commercial purposes. However, you need to use it in the right manner or else it doesn't serve the purpose. Shrink wrap is a plastic film covering different things and it shrinks when heat is applied to it in any form. Here we provide you with simple tips to shrink wrap all types of items.

Keep all the accessories ready – You may need a few things such as a scissor and a heat gun while you use shrink wrap. You can even use an oven for giving it the heat required to shrink. The accessories also depend upon the kind of items you’re storing. For smaller household items, you can make use of scissors and a blow dryer. On the other hand, for shrink wrapping other things for commercial purposes, you require a heat tunnel, while the items pass through a conveyor belt. The heat applied allows the plastic to stick over the object tightly and seals the item.

Firstly, wrap the film carefully over the object – For example, if it’s a perfume bottle that you have to cover, first wrap the film properly over the bottle. Ensure that the plastic film is slightly bigger than the item itself.

Cut off the extra film with scissors – The extra film covering the item needs to be cut off with a pair of scissors so that the film covers the object optimally. You need to make sure that there are no spaces left while covering up the things. Any space left will invite air or moisture inside the item and the thing is likely to get spoilt.

Use the source of heat to seal the object – The heat needs to be applied consistently so that the wrap shrinks in proportion. If the heat applied is not even, the wrap will not shrink properly in all the directions. Applying heat shrinks the wrapped plastic that seals the item optimally.

Shrink wrap is gaining huge prominence these days for both industrial and personal use. Use the above tips to shrink wrap everyday items.
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22 January 2014

Tips for packing up your dining room while relocating

The dining room is one of the most important places in our house. Therefore you need to pack the things belonging to the dining room in a proper way. Here we provide you with some simple tips on how to store your dining room things while relocating.

1. Put all the spoons, knives and cutlery in a separate box – Simply wash all the spoons and cutlery and make sure that there’s no moisture in them. Store the dry things in another box preferably a steel or a plastic bin. Do not keep kitchen stuff in cardboard boxes as they are not meant for the same.

2. Pack the fragile items carefully – If you have some glass dishes which you use to serve guests and your friends you need to be extra careful while packing them. This is where you need to use bubble wrap for covering all the items properly. First use bubble wrap for covering all those precious items and then place them in a cardboard box as breakables can be stored in such boxes.

3. Store the silverware properly – If you allow moisture to come in touch with the silverware, it is likely to get damaged. Therefore first cover it using a sheet of paper and then place it in a cardboard box. Make sure that the paper is tightly wrapped over the silverware without leaving any gaps in any of the places.

4. Pad all the bulbs safely – The dining room bulbs ought to be covered with bubble wrap so that they are safely padded. Also make sure that all the wires and other connecting lines are wrapped in safely so that they do not get entangled.

5. Use belts for rugs – Roll the rugs in a proper manner with the help of old belts.

In this way, with a little patience and some hard work you can make sure that your dining room essentials are packed properly before being ported to your new home.  

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