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18 December 2015

Facing Difficulty Storing Christmas Lights? 3 Effective Storage Tips

You have bought different types of lights for Christmas, but bummed over proper storage, getting entangled in the many light strands. Here are 3 effective tips to store large Christmas lights easily without getting the light strands damaged or lost in any way.

Store lights in labelled plastic bag:

This is perhaps the easiest way to unload strings of lights; all you need to is put every string in separate bags. Put labels as to which string is in a particular bag, no need to wrap or coil!

Create storage stands for lights:

It is difficult to store light strings without causing slightest wreckage. But not after you read this. Take a wooden plank. Attach two dowels each to the side of its base. Wrap lights around the dowels and insert the stand inside the bin. Voila! Your very own safe and sweet storage for multiple light strings is ready. No damage, no tangle.

Get a hose reel:

This is another great storage tip to prevent lights from getting tangled and wreckage of bulbs when stored in a clumsy manner. There are two benefits of using a hose reel for storage of large light strings. First, you roll all the light strings around the portable hose reel which prevents any tangle. Second, the wheels make it easy to carry the hose and the light to the place where you want to put the lights on display. This prevents the job of carrying the light strings in your hand only to find them or you getting entangled!

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16 November 2015

Moving Seems Difficult On A Mediocre Budget? Now It Won’t!

You have to move to another place, date is set, preparations are done; but the finances seem to bother you. In short, moving suddenly transforms from a fun escapade to a jolting experience. But hey, don’t worry. We have compiled some easy yet effective hacks to help you move on a tight budget.

Choose a moving company in Qatar only after considering the extras

A tight budget calls for a planned move. So remember that choosing a moving company in Qatar will incur additional costs. For instance, ensure that you allocate 20% more money to your moving budget. And if you find no way to do that, consider it necessary to reduce your moving budget so that you have spare money (as said about 20%) to spend as necessary expenses.

Sell items that you don’t need

Selling redundant items from your garage and home, garners enough money. So for instance, you can put up ads for items like old lawn mower, paintings, etc online and sell you items easily.

A garage sale is a great idea as you receive the money from sale right away. Also you don’t have to pay for the handling costs of those materials if you’d carry them while moving.

Get help to pack and move boxes

There is nothing wrong in finding a group of movers that are willing to help you pack and move boxes. So you can ask your friends, and colleagues, or neighbors to help pack and move your boxes. This would save you from paying the laborers. Ensure that you have strong men to carry and move heavier boxes, and women to carry lighter items.

Are you looking for a Moving Company In Qatar that gives comprehensive solution at low budget?You know where to click.
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6 October 2015

Moving Company Helps You Get Rid Of An Abusive Partner For Free?

A moving company Qatar like Storage in Qatar is more than a firm that moves you from one place to another. A moving company provides a solution to your one major issue that holds you back from moving to a new place- “how to wrap up things and children and get them moving in such a short time?” Don’t you agree?

And when you contemplate, a moving company helps you get rid of an abusive partner- for free and live your live without compromising on your freedom.

How abusive relationship makes moving to a new place, a behemoth and often an impossible task?

Relationships tug on to an emotional pull. Relationships involve psychological strands. And when it turns out be an abusive relationship, these psychological strands and emotional pull makes it difficult to escape. Also adding on to leaving an abusive spouse or partner is the actual, physical task to pack up and move when you are already emotionally distressed.

So how to meddle the anomalies and move for a better future?

It is here, when a reliable moving company acts as an element of salvation. We know how hard it is to pack up and move to a new location during stressful situations like when you want to leave the everyday abuses behind and start afresh. In fact it is inconceivable to imagine a woman and her children struggling to pack up all their belongings and leave before the abuser returns home. Storage in Qatar is a moving company Qatar that you can rely on every time to proceed towards a new life while we take care of yourpacking and moving worries in a jiffy!
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18 September 2015

How Do You Choose A Reliable International Removal Services Company in Qatar?

People moving overseas often face the challenge to locate a trustworthy international removal services company. It is difficult for one to trust someone to send his precious assets to his new home without any hassles. This blog addresses this concern briefly with simple facts.

Things to remember while choosing international removal services Qatar company:

It results in great agony when your moving services company causes unnecessary stress before starting your expat life. For instance, in December 2014, Global Moving Systems, an international moving company went into liquidation. AS a result, customers were not re-united with their personal belongings and had to pay huge costs to a different shipping firm to transfer their belongings. Therefore, the first step to avoid such an instance is to evaluate the moving firm’s credentials.

One must confirm whether the moving services company is an authorized member of the respective Association of Removers Overseas Group. This states that the company has an approved advance payment guarantee scheme in place.This is essential as it ensures that you won’t have to pay for your removal again if the firm goes into liquidation.Global Moving Systems wasn’t a partof the concerned Overseas Group. Therefore, even though the Overseas Group interfered to appease customers affected due to firm’s liquidation, many had to pay another shipping firm to transfer their belongings to their new homes.


It is important to ensure that you evaluate your insurance options. Avoid companies that request cash-in-hand andsizeable deposits upfront. Such a practice is considered unethical and no reliablecompany will do this.
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18 August 2015

4 Simple Storage Techniques For Your Sports Equipments

Is there one person out there that does not need storage? And if you are a sports enthusiast, you must be looking for some cool storage ideas to store all your sporting goodies. We have compiled a list of simple storage techniques that should take care of your sports equipments.

Ball claw-

Ball claws are cool gadgets to keep your soccer balls, basketballs and rugby balls intact. You also get a ball claw that fits any ball.

Bungee Cords-

Bungee cords can be hooked on a simple rectangular frame as shown above. This acts as an extremely useful storage cabinet for storing balls. Also, it is easy to take out the balls whenever required. I personally love the ability of bungee cords to utilize an ignored corner to create an adequate storage space.

DIY Rolling Storage Cart-

If you have space, build this rolling cart which is extremely simple to make. Get some wooden planks and bars and assemble them as shown above with some screws.

Wall Storage-

Wall storage proves best for those who have less ground space and many equipments to store and maintain. I love this storage trick as with mere wooden planks, hooks and screws, you can make a storage system to keep your bikes hanging. Additionally, you also get specific hooks to support different sports equipments.

Finally, if you are looking for a reliable storage provider to take care of your storage needs, Storage In Qatar is always there to serve you.
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17 July 2015

Small-House Storage Tricks To Make Every Home Inch Of Yours Look Grander

It does not matter if you live in a tiny-house, what matters is your willingness to embrace crafty ideas to place all things rightly. Storage problems can plague homes irrespective of their sizes if you don’t organize and use space judiciously. Below are some creative storage ideas which can be easily implemented to make even the smallest home a perfect space to live.

1. Have your house incorporated with counters which can shrink in and out.

Also known as slide-out butcher blocks, they provide the extra infrastructure necessary to make your kitchen spacious thus enabling you to cook a family dinner easily in spite of less space.

2. Store stuffs beneath a bench.

A bin which transforms into a cute seating arrangement signifies intelligent use of storage. And there is more it; using the bench seat as a lid is another practical solution.

3. Try a trap door.

The space beneath floorboards usually goes untapped. However, what don’t pay heed towards is the fact that the space is sufficient enough to be turned to a storage cabinet. Also it creates enough space to store items you do not use often.

5. Forgot the toe kick?

The dead space under your lower cabinets might be just the place for those sheet pans or skillets you often wrestle to store.

TELL US: What is your witty storage trick?
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11 June 2015

5 Toys Which Should Be A Part Of Your Storage Space

The sign of growing children does not point to throwing away all their toys. The toys won’t be a part of the child’s life anymore but storing certain toys might be good idea for monetary, sappy, or other “just-in-case” scenarios.

The five toys you must prevent throwing off are:

Video games:

Video games with their consoles still in working condition are the items which should go in your storage space. Your child may develop a yearning sometime or perhaps they are best things to keep your visiting relatives entertained.

LEGO toys-

Being around for 83 years, the small bricks of LEGO are timeless toys. Even when your kids don’t want to play with them anymore, store them to have them passed down in future to the younger relatives or family friends.

Dolls and other action figures-

Storing dolls and other action figures is always beneficial for two things. First, they are most searched items by kids whenever they get bored. Secondly, action figures have good monetary value whether it is the Barbie doll or Star Wars characters.

For instance, during the last year of September, a doll of Cabbage Patch went flat for $658 on eBay. Also if the toys don’t get you decent bucks, they are always the endearing items to pass down to future generations.

Are you looking for large storage spaces? Worried about your valuables during a long tour thus spoiling your jovial mood? All your storage worries are solved here at Storage In Qatar. 
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18 May 2015

Leaving Your Vehicle For Long-Term? Key Things To Remember

Vehicle storage is an important concern as it deals with giving away your expensive car to someone you don’t know. However, we bring your attention to the key things to remember, after knowing them you can stay assured your car is safely left with the storage company.

Key things to remember:


Cut off battery cables to avoid circuitry issues. Certain batteries go discharged after being in no use for long time which is hazardous when you leave the cables intact. It’s because those corrode with time producing harmful substances.

Car wash:

Clean the vehicle which helps removal of possible mud and dirt which only encourage production of rust and oxidization. This tarnishes the best quality paints when not cleaned in time.


You can change the oil as longer periods of inactivity for the car can result in the formation of acids and thus eat away i.e. rust the engine.

Keep it covered till the time you release it with the storage provider:

A good tip is to keep your vehicle covered before storing it, this way it will be kept free from grime and sludge. However, just make certain that it is not wet or moist inside the vehicle before covering it.


I hope the above points will aid you in the proper maintenance of your car. However, for long-term storage, it is always advisable to choose a comprehensive storage provider who will take care of your vehicle completely.
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13 April 2015

Absolutely Genius DIY Storage Containers You Can't Miss!

Are you falling short of storage container options leaving you uninspired? It is time for some inspiration.

Storageinqatar introduces you to 5 inexpensive DIY storage container projects. They will inspire you to embrace the comfort of space using minimum space!

Let’s begin with the first one.

1. Use crates for the perfect wall storage:

 The 2 amazing things about crates are one; it is very easy to get them colored and two; you can arrange them however you want with much ease! Crates make the perfect mudrooms and are also affordable.

2. Trendy belt strap storage:

These trendy belt strap bins are easily made from fabric, cardboard boxes and old leather belts along with some post screws; all of which are easily available at your home.

3. Elegant crochet storage:

Doesn’t these crochet patterns inspire you? If yes then go for it and create your own vivid crochet tubs for storing your items.

4. Vintage suitcase coffee table:

What’s better than a vintage suitcase which provides two-in-one benefits. First, it offers plenty hidden storage. Second, you can use it as a coffee table exemplifying its vintage look at the same time. Isn’t it a great use of space?

Do you have any creative storage ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.
And if your storage needs are exceeding your concerns, click here.

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5 March 2015

Bubble Wraps: How Simple Science Protects Even The Most Delicate Items

Did you know that 26th January is celebrated as ‘bubble wrap appreciation day’?

If you still doubt then you can check on the internet. Nevertheless, it clearly points out to the dynamic bubble wraps which help store our goods in the safest and most convenient manner.

Let’s delve into the insights about how bubble wrap seeming so delicate yet protects chunkiest goods.

The science plays its role judiciously:

Bubble wrap is popular for its dynamic functionalities. It is used to store goods as well as you can pack up things which make moving of goods just easier. So what is the science which enables bubble-wraps protect vulnerable items?

It is the even distribution of air bubbles.

The shock absorbers also do their job very well:

Another aspect of bubble wraps is their possession of shock absorbing abilities.  This helps greatly during moving & relocation instances.

Bonus tip- Are you looking for storage security services in Qatar? Are you planning to move somewhere and searching for a reliable moving and relocation service provider in Qatar? If yes then you’re just a click ( away from your most reliable service provider.

Why bubble wraps are preferred choices of most people?

Below are the various reasons which tell you why?

Bubble wraps are economical.
They are easy to use, not harsh on hands.
Bubble wraps protect your goods from scratches, distortion and other damage. The product wrapped in bubble wraps won’t break especially while moving or relocation.
It takes no time to wraps goods in bubble wrap. Also they have this uncanny ability to perfectly fit goods of any shape and size.
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4 February 2015

4 Quick Tips For Efficient Warehouse Management

Organizations often find it a meddlesome task when it comes to storing goods in warehouses. Many organizations face the brunt of speedy warehouse stocking often being cumbersome. Everything is fine as long as items reach on time and customers are content. However, when there is a lack of proper warehouse management, things can go hazy. And you may struggle your way around. However, what we suggest is-

It is because; you can always rely on our warehouse storage services in Qatar.

What does efficient warehouse management include?

It includes the following 4 key aspects. And while you know the key aspects, you will also know how to make each of it work smoothly.

1. Sorting your orders regularly:

The most popular SKUs at one time may not be the same at another. Hence, it is important to re-slot your warehouse. Your warehouse management system (WMS) must be in line with your business model. (You can consult StorageinQatar’s expert personnel for assistance.

Bonus tip: Evaluate your setup at least once in a year. Such a practice will ensure reduction in travel between movements of orders.

2. Evaluate and select the right picking method:

One should ensure a picking system which suits his organizational structure. It is because a correct picking system is vital to optimize overall productivity. The common picking methodologies include single order, zone picking and multi-order.

3. Utilize advanced software to minimize activity on the distribution center:

Your WMS software must enable easy categorization and movement of both conveyable and non-conveyable items. This will save tremendous time across the distribution centers.

4. The power of grouping:

A firm can gain remarkable efficiency when it groups together 20% of its SKUs which form 80% of its orders. However, for those selling few of the many items, this 80-20 rule won’t work. And when nothing works, you can always rely on Du-store’s reliable warehouse storage services in Dubai.
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29 January 2015

4 Easy Tips For Efficient Bathroom Storage

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest places in your house but it cannot be neglected and allowed to get untidy.

If unchecked, it can get quite shabby and ruin the overall d├ęcor of your house. Did you know that investing just an hour every week can give your bathroom a tidier look? Check out how?

1. Begin with de-cluttering.

This should be the 1st step towards reducing bathroom clutter: systematic cleanout.

Liberate yourself from bathroom items you have not used in 2 months.
Get rid of all the useless and expired toiletries.

Note: Consult your neighboring waste-removal services for safe disposal of medicines.
What you achieve? A sleek and tidy looking bathroom like the one shown above.

2. Tidy-up the sink

If you’re confused where to start, try tidying up the sink first. Do a quick survey of all the objects on the sink and decide which ones you don’t use and need. Then, get rid of unnecessary materials around the sink and nearby countertop.
Time saver- Keep your everyday items in a basket or tray like above. During cleaning just move the tray rather than moving individual items!

3. Store the essentials using wire dividers!

Did you know that easy-to-reach shelves made from plastic and wire dividers are great for storage? First of all, they’re inexpensive. Second, they help in easy storage of items like makeup and toiletries. Third, they take very little space!

Key benefits- 

Removable shelves are extremely handy.
The plastic wire resists moisture and helps wet items dry quickly!
The wiring prevents items from falling off and provides easy visibility.

4. Avoiding bathroom-complexity

Now this is a brilliant example, one which we love. Multiple people may be sharing a bath. In such cases, get a one-stranded shelf like above. The beauty of this shelf is the criss-cross storage arrangement you can see above. It enables easy storage and identification of personal items like towels which are color-coded.

Bonus tip- Additionally the baskets below provide quick and personal pullout storage!

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