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31 July 2014

5 Unique Tips for Storing Knick Knacks

Do pins, jewelry, beads, bills and other knick knacks just lie around our house and cause clutter? These small knick knacks make your house look cluttered and untidy. Your perfect home might end up looking unorganized and unattractive. Here are some tips to keep that clutter under control.

1) Store bills in a glass mason jar.

This is a brilliant way of making sure that the bills are not flying around the house and are all in one place.


2) Store batteries in a plastic tackle box.

Store batteries of different sizes in different compartments and keep them neat and accessible.


3) Use flower pots to store bathroom supplies.

Flower pots make cute bathroom supplies. Even better if the pots are brightly coloured! Use them to store earbuds, cotton, soaps and other mish mash.


4) Use net bags to hold bath tub toys.

There is no need to tolerate your kid’s bath toys all over the bathroom when there is such a simple and perfect solution in place.


5) Use an old tissue dispenser to store grocery bags.

Store your grocery bags or smaller garbage bags in style and out of style with this handy tip.

Say goodbye to clutter with these unique storage tips. If you still feel like your house is cluttered, use our offer cheap and convenient storage options in a location near you. Check our website to avail the best storage services in all of Qatar.
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