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18 April 2017

Storage in Qatar: Moving Things the Right Way

How do you make sure there won’t be any major hassles on the moving day? By knowing and rectifying certain things well in advance. They are as follows.

1. How far is the storage unit?

This is an important concern that needs to be addressed before even short listing the various moving and storage companies. If the distance between your current place and storage unit is too far, it will cost you more time and money with regards to petrol, time taken to reach the storage unit and so on.

2. Near is better

It is always wise to choose the storage and moving company that is near to your current residence. It also makes it easy for you to make frequent visits to ensure your things are stored in good condition and repossess the ones to use whenever needed.

Concluding tips | Moving company Qatar

Here are some cool tips to ensure your items are well-protected.

• Cover the flooring of your storage unit with a tarpaulin sheet to prevent moisture or water damage to your items.

• Keep a distance of one inch between your items and from the wall to prevent mould formation.

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