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10 July 2012

Five Core Stages to cover when hiring the services of a dependableRelocation Company

House movers who think they had it tough should try crossing over to the office move camp. An office move transcends all the hassles that may crop up during a regular house move and take them to another level. Most business customers tend to hire the services of a dependable relocation company to handle their move for them.

Here are some tips that should prove to be rather handy when trying to iron out any kinks that may arise during the relocation process:

Stage 1: Every business worth their bottom-line recognizes the importance of the planning process. Office relocation has various administrative, technical, legislative aspects to be taken care of. In addition to these there’s also the human co-ordination – with employees, customers and suppliers. A fool-proof plan is required if the move is to go like clockwork. No aspect can be risked by being overlooked. Doing so can prove to be rather disastrous for the company in question. The earlier the planning begins, the better are the chances of a smooth move. So, do remember to begin well in advance.

Stage 2: The one phenomenal advantages of an office move is the availability of help. Confused? Don’t be. A quick look around is all that’s required to prove the point. Yes, that’s correct, Employees. If one were to get each employee to pack their own desks away, it’d go a long way in reducing the stress levels. The great thing of such an exercise: It can be turned into a corporate engagement session that forges deeper ties between employees and their work place. The requirements are not that high. Each employee can be handed out a relocation kit. This could include boxes, marker pens, stencils, wrapping and so on.

Stage 3: Once the employees have finished packing their own desks, the focus can then move over to the common areas like corridors and such. Given the technical requirements, it is best to let the packers and movers services to take over this stage. Hiring a reputed service provider ensures that there are enough personnel to assist. Additionally, they are likely to be relevantly trained and equipped with the right tools for the task.

Stage 4: Given the sensitive nature of the tasks involved, it makes for poor sense to hire the one that quoted the lowest. Experience & quality both come at their own price. One should therefore reach out to multiple service providers and evaluate their claims through various sources. A great way to conduct verification checks is by reaching out to previous customers of the service provider. They are usually the ones to give you an honest overview of the capabilities and potential risks of hiring the service provider under consideration.

Stage 5: A moving day arrives, holding a few briefings and mock sessions for the employees’ should go a long way in making the move a pleasant one.

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