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20 February 2017

Effective Storage Hacks For Your Little One

When you have children, and they are small and newborn, there are many things that enter your home. From cradles to diapers, powder boxes to all the other clinical paraphernalia; you know that you need more space to store these without delay. Read on to know some great storage hacks and put your storage woes at bay.

Under the bed

Peek under your bed and you will know how much space goes unutilised. You can use this space sufficient enough to store your baby’s belongings like powder cans, oil, and all other ointments. You can even store clothes wrapped up in a tray or a bag.

Shelves by the wall

Also known as open shelves, they provide sufficient storage space. They make it easy for children to access toys and books for everyday need. However, avoid storing things that are lethal like sharp tools. If they are babies then don’t even place many things in these shelves as babies have a tendency to play with any kind of items using their mouth, unless it is a milk bottle.

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