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20 November 2013

Tips to select the right bubble wrap for packaging

Bubble wraps are generally used to cover items while shifting from one place to another. There are four types of bubble wraps available in the market in four standard sizes

of 1/2”, 1/8", 3/16" and 5/16”. The sizes mentioned are in terms of the height of the bubbles and not their diameters.

The largest bubble of all is the 1/2” sized bubble, while the 1/8" sized bubble is less popular and is referred to as the super small bubble. The 3/16" and 5/16" bubbles are referred to as small and medium bubbles, respectively. You need to choose the right bubble wrap for all your priceless belongings. Here we provide you with some tips for the same.

  • 1.For delicate items, use small or super small bubble wraps as they conveniently serve the purpose. You can also make a small bag or pouch using the bubble wrap to fit in small and fragile things.

  • 2.For better protection, you can use several layers of bubble wrap and then tape them at the right place. Always wrap the bubble cap on to the items for ultimate protection against bumps and hits.

  • 3.For sturdy items, you can make use of the medium sized bubble wraps. Larger sized bubble wraps can be used to fill up empty space in a large box. The budget friendly status of bubble wraps makes them the best option for packaging.

  • 4.It is noted that using more than one type of bubble wrap is the best kind of packaging possible. For example, wrap in a small delicate item with the super small bubble wrap and then fill up the box that it is kept in using the large bubble. In this way, two different sizes of bubble wraps can be used for the packaging of one item securely.

However, you need to keep in mind that a bubble wrap doesn’t guarantee complete protection against scratches and marks. You have to use the right kind of bubble wrap for the right things to ensure complete protection.

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