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19 February 2014

Tips on How to Use Shrink Wrap For Storing Things

Shrink wrap is being used widely for domestic as well as commercial purposes. However, you need to use it in the right manner or else it doesn't serve the purpose. Shrink wrap is a plastic film covering different things and it shrinks when heat is applied to it in any form. Here we provide you with simple tips to shrink wrap all types of items.

Keep all the accessories ready – You may need a few things such as a scissor and a heat gun while you use shrink wrap. You can even use an oven for giving it the heat required to shrink. The accessories also depend upon the kind of items you’re storing. For smaller household items, you can make use of scissors and a blow dryer. On the other hand, for shrink wrapping other things for commercial purposes, you require a heat tunnel, while the items pass through a conveyor belt. The heat applied allows the plastic to stick over the object tightly and seals the item.

Firstly, wrap the film carefully over the object – For example, if it’s a perfume bottle that you have to cover, first wrap the film properly over the bottle. Ensure that the plastic film is slightly bigger than the item itself.

Cut off the extra film with scissors – The extra film covering the item needs to be cut off with a pair of scissors so that the film covers the object optimally. You need to make sure that there are no spaces left while covering up the things. Any space left will invite air or moisture inside the item and the thing is likely to get spoilt.

Use the source of heat to seal the object – The heat needs to be applied consistently so that the wrap shrinks in proportion. If the heat applied is not even, the wrap will not shrink properly in all the directions. Applying heat shrinks the wrapped plastic that seals the item optimally.

Shrink wrap is gaining huge prominence these days for both industrial and personal use. Use the above tips to shrink wrap everyday items.

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