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26 August 2014

Questions to Consider before Moving to a New City

Preparation for moving to a new city often starts months in advance. But before you pack your bags and go, read through this blog and make sure you are really prepared for the move.

How safe is the city you will be moving to?
Have a look at the safety statistics of the city that you will be moving to. Check the crime rate of the neighborhood that you will be moving to. For additional peace of mind, consider installing a security system. This might not be a very positive thing to think about but it is definitely necessary.

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Are there suitable schools and extra-curricular activities for children available?
If you are moving with children, you have to consider that it will be more difficult for the kids to adjust. The first step is to look for quality schools. A good school will ensure quality education, high quality teachers and an encouraging friends circle for your kids. It will definitely help in making the move easier for your kids and will shape their future for the better. Another thing to consider is the availability of extra-curricular activities for your kids. These may involve stadiums, playing fields, music classes and maybe even attractions such as picnic spots and amusement parks.

How long is the commute to workplace and what are the local transportation facilities like?
When you move to a new place, you also move into a new job, along with new responsibilities and new work routines. To make the new routine easier on you, you should be prepared for local commuting beforehand. First step should be to research the office to home commute. Opt for a house close to your workplace. This can save you precious commute time that you can then devote to settling in the new city.

What is the weather like?
If you are moving to Qatar, you should keep in mind that Qatar is warm almost all months of the year. Some months might be cooler during evenings, but the daytime temperature ranges from searing hot to moderately warm. Before moving to Qatar, you should be prepared to deal with the heat. Make sure you pack adequate clothing and carry it with you on the flight. Clothing that might not be suitable for the weather should be put in storage facilities, at least at the beginning to save you the trouble of unpacking.

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Should you book storage facilities in the new city in advance?
It is a good idea to book storage facilities in advance in the city you are moving to. When you move, there will be a lot of unpacking and settling in to do. Several boxes might not need to be opened until later, and by putting those boxes in storage, you can clear up the clutter in your new home and get sorted earlier. The Box has storage facilities in Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. Our storage facilities are the best in class and we offer the best customer services in all of UAE.

In addition, we also provide local and international relocation services according to your requirements. With The Box, you can be assured of complete and comprehensive storage and moving services in your neighborhood.

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