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20 April 2016

Preparing Your Car For The Move In 3 Simple Steps

Your car is one of your most valuable and heaviest possessions that obviously needs proper treatment while moving. Here are simple tips to have your car transferred to your new home without damage.

Inspect and note down

Have a thorough look at your car before getting it placed it in the moving container. This is important to be aware of the current scratches or dents if any. You can then re-inspect your car after the movers take it to the new destination for any new damages.

Tip- Inspect your car thoroughly prior to inspection with the movers.

Remove mobile objects

Free you car from moveable items like antenna or radio or anything that dangles around in the car that can be detached. They can easily fall loose and cause damage to the car.

Moving your car safely to another country

Cross country moving a car seems difficult? Not really. Just hire a driver to ship your car. You can even ask your expert driver friend to drive the car.

If you choose the drive mode, do know that you car will have to go through obstacles like mud, rough terrains, dirt on the roads and so on that can damage your car. Not to forget unfortunate weather conditions! It is better to have your car shipped. If you choose the open container, it’s cheaper than the closed containers. But if you car is too pricey, closed container is a must.


International Removal Services Qatar would like to suggest you to have a sense of humor while on the move. It cheers you and your friends a great deal!

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