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14 March 2016

Follow These Rules To Prevent Fire Mishaps At Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage units have stipulations in terms of what one can store and cannot to prevent incidents like fire mishaps. In order you stay and your valuables stay protected from fire we recommend the following rules that ought to be followed.

The don’ts:

Avoid storing combustible fluids such as alcohol, paint and gasoline or turpentine in storage units. They give off invisible, and highly volatile vapours that are easily ignitable even due tiniest spark at a distance.

Tip- Ensure your lawnmower is entirely free from gasoline before placing in the storage unit or your garage in winter. Besides preventing fire mishap, it also preserves your gas lines and engine.

The grim greasy rags:

• Did you know that lot of house fires are caused due to greasy rags being shoved off into dryers?! Yes. Do not store greasy or oily rags in a storage unit. It is susceptible to increasing temperatures in the unit. This makes the rag easily combustible and can lead to an inferno.

Tip- while storing things like heaters, and appliances, ensure their plugs are not connected to extension cords.

Important tips to preserve the safest storage environment for customers and storage managers.

• Non-smoking rules must be strictly followed whenever nearby the facilities. Always ensure you extinguish tiniest spark after you smoke outside the storage unit followed by proper disposal of smoking items. In case of non-alliance to the rules by any tenant, inform the facility employee immediately.

• Store your valuables in a storage unit after locking them in a fireproof metal box to prevent damage during fire.

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