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5 February 2016

What Are The Biggest Relocation Mistakes You Can Avoid?

Planning to relocate thinking it will be a much better place? Well, you may want to go through this article to get important insights for a well-informed decision.

1. Change the focus:

During relocation, we usually think of what the new place will give rather that what it will not. In psychological terms, we are highly impacted by what we lose than what we gain.

For instance, if we sell shares at low price and lose, the impact is more powerful than when we sell shares at high price and win.

Therefore, it is important to think about what you will lose when you relocate. It will help you evade much difficulties.

2. We undervalue distance:

Here we are talking about the difference in distance when you relocate to a new place to important places like groceries, and school and offices. I wanted to live on a farm, but when I actually relocated there, I realized convenience of distance to important places outweighs everything else. The long commute times actually make you unhappy.

3. We overrate the monetary increase:

Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist encapsulates happiness as, “It’s the time spent with people you love and those who love you.”

Therefore, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise if you do not feel happy even after getting a raise when you are away from the people you love.

Nattavudh Powdthavee of the University of London states that for a person the amount of compensation for his sacrificed happiness of moving away from family and friends is a raise of $130,000!

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