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5 March 2015

Bubble Wraps: How Simple Science Protects Even The Most Delicate Items

Did you know that 26th January is celebrated as ‘bubble wrap appreciation day’?

If you still doubt then you can check on the internet. Nevertheless, it clearly points out to the dynamic bubble wraps which help store our goods in the safest and most convenient manner.

Let’s delve into the insights about how bubble wrap seeming so delicate yet protects chunkiest goods.

The science plays its role judiciously:

Bubble wrap is popular for its dynamic functionalities. It is used to store goods as well as you can pack up things which make moving of goods just easier. So what is the science which enables bubble-wraps protect vulnerable items?

It is the even distribution of air bubbles.

The shock absorbers also do their job very well:

Another aspect of bubble wraps is their possession of shock absorbing abilities.  This helps greatly during moving & relocation instances.

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Why bubble wraps are preferred choices of most people?

Below are the various reasons which tell you why?

Bubble wraps are economical.
They are easy to use, not harsh on hands.
Bubble wraps protect your goods from scratches, distortion and other damage. The product wrapped in bubble wraps won’t break especially while moving or relocation.
It takes no time to wraps goods in bubble wrap. Also they have this uncanny ability to perfectly fit goods of any shape and size.

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