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13 February 2013

Witty Ideas for All Your Storage Needs

No matter what size your house is, you always tend to feel the storage space for your belongings is less. You try all possible ways to create more room, but don’t always get the required results. Given below are a few tips to get you started.

Sort them first: Often when we think about organising the house, we feel it is a never-ending process. What we fail to realise is that if we take one thing at a time things can be a lot easier and convenient. Start with the big items and then move onto the smaller ones. Move the heavy items that are in regular use to the basement, while the others can be stored with a storage facility. These facilities are available in plenty if you search in the local address book, or surf the internet. They are cost-effective and extremely handy when needed. Some of these are even climate-controlled to take care of items that could get spoilt due to extreme weather conditions.

Rack it, hang it, box it: Use hangers to hang clothes and shoes. They are even ideal for small items like ties, socks, junk jewellery, etc. Make use of the space under the staircase by installing racks or drawers and cabinets to store your books, files, magazines and other valuable documents.

Best out of waste: If you look around, you will see there are a number of containers that have been collected over the years, and yet have not been put to the best use. These can be used for different purposes. For instance, you can use plastic boxes. They won’t break and thus can be easily placed under the bedstead, settee, or your cupboards. They are best used for storage of personal belongings. Another great item could be old luggage bags. These can serve a dual purpose by letting you stock up out of season items, and other valuables that are not being used that often, etc. Furthermore, paper bags make a perfect storage unit. Indeed, these bags are not meant for long term storage but, they can definitely be an ideal option when you have food items and other perishable items to stock up.

Thus, it can be said it is not how much room you have that decides how resourcefully or comfortably you live; but it is how you design and create the needed space.

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